Not all plastics have to add to pollution. The GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ is a sustainable solution for eco-conscious consumers seeking to preserve the freshness of their high-value commodities without harming the environment. Our pouch is crafted from renewable plant-based technology with high oxygen barriers. Unlike traditional plastic packaging, which contributes to the global plastic pollution crisis and can degrade into harmful microplastics, our pouch is certified 100% compostable and will naturally break down in a home compost setting within 12 months.

Designed with both functionality and environmental responsibility in mind, it effectively preserves the quality, flavor, and aroma of delicate goods such as coffee beans, seeds, and dried spices, ensuring they retain their peak freshness for longer periods.


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Cut and tear

This will help accelerate the decomposition.

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Prepare the compost bin

Choose a sunny spot and ensure good drainage.

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Add to the compost bin

Place the torn pieces along with other compostable wastes.

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Moisturize and aerate

Keep it moist and regularly mix to provide oxygen.

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Patience and use

Allow the pouch to break down then use the compost to enrich the soil


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Plant-Based Material - Made from renewable plant-based material, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon footprint that maintains their quality of up to 12 months on the shelf.

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Hermetic Technology - Has a superior oxygen barrier layer that ensures airtight freshness, preserving the quality, flavor, and aroma of your commodities.

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Home Compostable - Eliminates the need for a waste retrieval program as both film and zipper safely decompose in home composting systems and turn into soil fertilizer in as fast as 12- 24 weeks without any harmful residue.

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Versatile Use - Ideal for storing coffee beans, seeds, dried spices, and other high-value commodities.



What specific plant-based material is used to create the compostable film?

The compostable film used in the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ is made from a blend of eucalyptus, cassava, and sugarcane. The specific formulation may vary depending on material availability.

How to compost the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™?

The GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ decomposes much like regular organic materials, ultimately breaking down into nutrient-rich soil fertilizer in about 24 weeks, perfect for nurturing your garden or yard. To compost the pouch, begin by emptying its contents and cutting or tearing it into smaller pieces. Then, mix these fragments with other compostable items like food scraps and yard waste in your compost bin or pile. Remember to keep the compost moist and turn it regularly to aid in decomposition.

What happens if the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ packaging ends up in the ocean, nature, or landfill?

When GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ are disposed of incorrectly in landfills, oceans, or natural settings, their breakdown process varies. In landfills, they might degrade slower and release greenhouse gasses as they decompose without oxygen. In natural environments like oceans or land, they tend to break down faster, helped by sunlight, moisture, and microorganisms. However, to ensure their eco-friendly benefits and avoid harm, it's crucial to focus on proper disposal methods like home composting.


What types of commodities can I store in the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™?

You can store a wide range of dry agricultural commodities in the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™, including grains, pulses, seeds, and spices. However, it is not suitable for fresh produce, flour, nuts, and other commodities with high oil content.

How long do commodities (i.e. green coffee beans) stay fresh in the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™?

Green coffee beans stored in the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ with an oxygen barrier can typically retain their freshness for several months to a year, provided they are kept in ideal conditions away from heat, light, and moisture. The oxygen barrier within the pouch acts to prevent the ingress of oxygen, which could otherwise cause oxidation and degradation of the beans over time. While this technology significantly enhances preservation, it's important to understand that it doesn't completely halt the aging process. Additionally, the initial quality of the beans remains a crucial factor in determining their overall shelf life.

Will the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ break down on the shelf?

No, the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ is designed to remain stable while on the shelf for a period of twelve (12) months. As long as it is stored in a cool, dry environment, it will not start breaking down until it is introduced to the proper composting conditions, which include exposure to moisture and microbial activity.

What type of storage conditions does GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ film packaging need?

In general, it is advised to store the pouch in a cool and dry place. The recommended storage conditions for GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™ are as follows:

  • Temperature: Maintain temperatures between 17-24°C (63-75°F).
  • Humidity: Keep humidity levels between 35-55%.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Store the packaging away from direct sunlight to prevent degradation


Can I customize the pouch to fit my branding?

Absolutely, you can add your brand logo to the GrainPro® Compostable Hermetic Pouch™. Simply click the button located at the bottom of this page to upload your design, then click SUBMIT. A GrainPro representative will reach out to assist you in finalizing your order.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5,000 pieces per order. Orders of 10,000 pieces or more qualify for a discount.

How to place an order?

Simply click the button at the bottom of the page to access our inquiry form. If you're looking for customized logos, click on Customize Your Logo. Once you've submitted your request, a GrainPro representative will be in touch to guide you through the process.



Capacity, g (lbs)

Based on green coffee


Product Weight
(per piece),

g (lbs)



Fold Height,

Extra Small

200 - 250 (0.4-0.6)

17 (6.7)

12 (4.7)

3.5 (1.4)

5.7 (0.01)±5%


500-700 (1.1-1.5)

23 (9.1)

16 (6.3)

4.5 (1.8)

10 (0.02)±5%


850-1000 (1.9-2.2)

26 (10.2)

17 (6.7)

5 (2.0)

12 (0.03)±5%

Want to witness the complete lifecycle of our pouch in just 24 weeks? Watch the timelapse below.

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