GrainPro Hermetic Bag Recycling Program



This project aims to help end-users of hermetic bags have a more sustainable and environmentally-responsible business. 

Follow these steps to conveniently recycle your bags:

  1. Make sure the empty GrainPro bags are dry and clean, free from coffee residue or debris. 
  2. Fold (or stuff) your used GrainPro bags into your preferred box (or in a GrainPro bag).
  3. Make sure NOT to include the following items:
  • Trash
  • Food waste
  • Disposable cups
  • Jute or polypropylene bags.
  • Zip tie
  • Zipper slides
  • Shrink wrap plastic
  • Cardboard

4. Fill out and submit the form on this page each time you send bags.
5. Send the bags to one of the following CTI locations:

    1. CTI 300 Mitchell Ave. Alameda, CA 94501
    2. CTI 300 Mac Lane Keasbey, NJ 08832

Note: It is important that you fill out and submit the form for EACH shipment of bags.

Notify us that you’re sending bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have a minimum, however, we suggest that you send at least 100 bags to maximize shipping costs.

There is no fixed schedule as to how often you can send bags. CTI will be able to receive them from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

No. CTI will receive, handle, and store your used bags at no cost to you.

You can use your preferred packaging method as long as your chosen courier has no issues with it.

Yes, you are welcome to deliver the bags yourself in case you are near those locations but always remember to notify us first.

Yes, if you are currently a CTI customer, you may coordinate this as long as your bags are correctly packed for a fast and convenient pick-up. Also, notify us via the form above each time.

Yes. The aim of this project is to responsibly manage used hermetic liners, including other brands.

You can send an email to for any other questions or concerns.

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GrainPro Hermetic Bag Recycling Program